Indoor Pond Service

Indoor ponds have their own special challenges.  They are open to the environment and the public, and are susceptible to high evaporation rates especially in our dry Calgary winters.  Located in atriums where there is substantial indoor lighting for the plants, we often see significant algae growth on the rocks and ornaments in the water.  We have found a natural biodegradable enzyme that reduces the algae growth and coupled with our comprehensive maintenance program will provide you with a soothing, relaxing and visually appealing installation.

Our indoor pond maintenance program includes the following:

  1. Check the ph and temperature.  We record the information is a file specifically designed and set up for your pond.
  2. Scheduled filter media cleaning and replacement.  Filter media can include carbon, zeolite, polyfibre, sponges and pleated cartridge filters.  Carbon, zeolite, natural biodegradable enzyme and polyfibre are exchanged for new, sponges are cleaned on site and pleated cartridge filters are exchanged with clean filters.  The dirty cartridge filters are returned to our shop to be cleaned and reused.
  3. Performing a 10% to 30% water change.  Water quality is the key to healthy fish.  Fish adsorb trace elements and minerals from the water.  It is absolutely essential to replace these trace elements and minerals in order to maintain a healthy environment.
  4. Visual inspection of fish health.  We are often able to detect early signs of stress, parasites or disease.
  5. Water additives are added.  These are included in the maintenance fees and it is not necessary for you to purchase or stock them.  We add salt, dechlorinator and bio support additives with each water change.
  6. Plants and ornaments are cleaned.  When necessary decorative plants and ornaments are removed for cleaning or on occasion exchanged and taken to our shop for a thorough cleaning.
  7. Fish are added ( if ordered ).  If you order fish from us, we will quarantine them in our shop for a minimum of 2 weeks to help ensure they are disease and parasite free before delivering them to you and placing them in your pond.
  8. Fish food supply checked.  We will check and refill the automatic feeder ( if installed ) and check and resupply any fish food you may need.
  9. Additional equipment is checked and maintenance if required is performed.  This includes checking and resetting light timers, oiling external pumps, ordering and replacing burnt out lights.
  10. The service record data base is updated and the technician initials the documentation signing off on the service call.

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